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Moodle activated

You were all given access to MOODLE which I have by now filled with assignments.
So log in there and do
A-Level 2018:
I have alterded the tasks slightly, because there was a diffent Sternchenthema at that time.
Hand in only one assignment of the three, so II. 1 OR II.2.1. OR II.2.2.
I. Reading comprehension 50 Min
II.1 Describe the feelings of Albert, the father and Genya, his wife. 60 Min
EITHER II.2. 1. Describe Larry's development from to adulthood. 60 Min
OR II.2. 2. Cartoon 60 Min

Class 12 --> 2020 A-Level Assignments

The following tasks are for my students who have to stay at home these days because of the Corona virus disease. Hi everyone. Please pull yourselves together and work on the days given in red below. The solutions will be sent to you a day later through a private channel to avoid any possible copyright problems. If there are students being interested in the material, drop me a line. (There is a bug in the menu bar on the right. When you use a mobile the menu is at the bottom. Can't change the "Kalender" into English "calendar".

Earlier in March 2020
A-Level 2019: Done

Date: 17th March
Text:"Happy", Task:Text Reading comprehension, Time: 50 min
Date: 18th March
Solution delivered. What I have forgotten to say: Please find the corresponding lines in the text to prove your choice. They are given in the solutions.This is a good exercise because it is fiction and therefore even more difficult than a non-fictional text. So if you go through hell  here perhaps the other ones are easier for you.

Date: 19th March
Text: A-Level 2018, Task:Text Reading comprehension, Time: 50 min
This was the one which was strongly discussed among thousands of students because they thought a part of the text was too difficult. In the solutions you will learn why.
Please see this entry and follow the instructions.